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fanta fanta don't you wanta. [Sat.06.26.04]
[ mood | okay ]

I got to see my friends today! Hoooray!
Marisa, Kori, Jon &Adam came by.

At first it was just Marisa, Kori, Jon &I. Had some fun. Ate some food. Straightened some hair. Listened to music. &Talked about Justin Timberlake, with Jon. Oh, we watched that movie called, Thirteen. It was weird &made me kinda dizzy. Then my Amigas left me. Jon and I ended up watching Shallow Hal with the rest of my family. Haha, good laughs. After the movie we were starving so we made some sandwiches. YUM YUM. My family decided to go out and eat so they left. Jon and I had to stay and wait for Adam. We walked around the neighborhood, it was cool. When we got back Adam came. Wow, he was kinda quiet. See what work does to you? But then he became himself again, and it was super funnnnnny. Boys are strange. Adam wanted to go see a movie. But no one could go. He's like, 'its ok..next time.' Oh! Jon & I got parfaits! Yay! I had fun today. My ankle is sore though. Blah, I MISS MY FRIENDS.

[ mood | ecstatic ]

8 #@$%!

bowling with jesus &god. [Tue.06.22.04]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Watched Mean Girls, it was so fetch. Saw Carson at the mall &waved hello. Cut my bangs, myself. Kinda short and not straight. Went bowling tonight. Hung out with: Lil Kori, Me-la-nie, Adam aka God, Matt aka Jesus, Jonster &Adamster. One strike, yeah. &I lost. Oh. Played air hockey too &lost. Oh well. Had mucho fun, laughed plenty, &took pictures. Danced a bit too. Wahooo. The end.

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2 #@$%!

wahoo. [Sun.06.20.04]
[ mood | happy ]

Happy Faja's Day!

LoL, I'm a bad kid. I wasn't able to get presents for both my dad &stepdad, yet. I owe them. But yeah, Idk what I'd do without my daddy-o &my pops(stepdad). Hm. I love both of them.

So, Kori &I had a 4-hour conversation about the boys we like. We discovered some things that were pretty amazing. It's nice to have a friend who is somewhat going through the same thing. In all honesty though, I surely hope Matt finally sees what a wonderful person Kori is. Any guy would be lucky to have her. &the same thing goes for all my other single friends! Yeah.

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